That’s It Zesty Bars Review

I have always loved the That’s It bars for their simplicity. They never add extra sugar and are sweetened only by fruit. They make an amazing pre-workout snack to have before working out because they are portable quick to digest carbs. I always carry them around with me as a pick me up before I lift. They have no preservatives and are simply just fruit and spices.
Apples & Cinnamon
This is my favorite out of the Zesty product line. It tastes just like fall and makes me feel like I’m cozying up by a fire with a glass of mulled cider.

Apple + Mango & Chili
This bar has a kick to it. If you are sensitive to spice this might not suit you but I found it to be refreshingly different. If you love dried mangos this could be your new favorite energy bar.

Apple + Pear & Ginger
This had an overwhelming ginger flavor. It was not equally balanced with the pear and apple. It was a bit gritty as well. This wasn’t completely terrible but also not my favorite.

Overall I would recommend these bars to anyone looking for an easy way to get more fruit into their diet or looking for convenient healthy carbs. If you sign up for their mailing list you can get 15% off today at

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Sneak Micronutrients into your Diet

It is important to maintain a steady intake of micronutrients in your diet regardless of if you are eating in a deficit, surplus or at maintenance. Macronutrients consist of fat, carbs and proteins while micronutrients are only necessary in tiny amounts. Micronutrients are critical for your body to function properly. They can be taken in capsules but yield significant benefits when eaten in their raw form as fruits and vegetables. Below are easy ways to sneak micronutrients into your diet everyday!

1. Add roasted sweet potatoes as a side to your morning eggs

2. Roast massive amounts of veggies ahead of time and eat them throughout the week
3. Roast your veggies with something mild like lemon pepper so that you can easily add them to any dish

4. Mix up your veggies weekly so you don’t get bored & try some of my favorite combinations

  • a. Brussels sprouts, cut up butternut squash and cranberries is a delicious fall combo
  • b. Roasted asparagus or roasted green beans are a go to because they go with basically anything
  • c. Roasted butternut squash baked with Truvia brown sugar, spray butter and cinnamon is a dieters dream “dessert”


5. Always add fresh or frozen fruit on top of protein pancakes, waffles or French toast to add exciting texture, flavor and fiber!

6. Bag portions of washed berries ahead of time so you can easily add them as a topping for yogurt, cereal and more

7. Add a nutrient blast to your smoothie by adding some spinach (for longer shelf life you can freeze fresh spinach in an ice cube tray for perfectly portioned spinach)

8. Make spaghetti squash at the beginning of the week so you can throw some sauce and protein on it and voila virtually carb free spaghetti!

2100_spaghetti squash.jpg
9. Substitute raw vegetables like carrots or pepper slices for crackers when you can and serve with hummus, guacamole or homemade yogurt dip

10. Always have frozen vegetables on hand to use when you are in a pinch

11. Pack a small salad to eat before your lunch this can include around 50g of meat of your choice or some sort of vegetable protein

12. Make “nana icecream” just add frozen bananas to the food processor and whatever your heart desires


What is your favorite way to add micronutrients into your diet? How do you sneak fruits and veggies into a picky eaters pallet? Comment to let me know!

In good health,

Lauren xo

Augo Energy Cookies Product Review

Augo Energy Cookies are as close to fresh baked as they come. They are baked in small batches, are all natural and 10% of all Augo cookie sales go to The Fallen Firefighters Foundation. The cookies are tasty, vegan, high in protein and gluten free.


Below is a definitive, food-approved ranking of Augo Energy Cookie flavors:
1) Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate
2) Dark Chocolate Cacao
3) Blueberry Oatmeal

1) Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate is my favorite flavor from the Augo line. They are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and are made with the finest creamy all-natural peanut butter. They contain a generous amount of vegan chunky chocolate chips. The cookies are also fairly large making them a filling dessert or snack.


2) Dark Chocolate Cacao

The dark chocolate cookie is a rich, dense and fudgey cookie. I would like to mention that you can barely taste the protein added in any of these cookies due to the complex flavors in each morsel.


3) Blueberry Oatmeal

This cookie is the most versatile of the bunch. It can be eaten for breakfast or dessert. My favorite way to enjoy this cookie is stuffed with frozen mashed up banana and fresh blueberries. The cookie is chewy and soft with real dried blueberry inside it.


I would recommend these cookies to a friend. As they are all natural, I recommend eating them fairly quickly as they may spoil easily. You can buy Augo Energy Cookies here.

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San Clemente Cookie Dough Product Review

San Clemente Cookie Dough Squeeze packs are the only way I enjoy cookie dough on the go. It does not need to be refrigerated, conveniently comes in portioned out packaging and tastes amazing. Also, all of the flavors are gluten free, dairy free, and egg free making this dough vegan and for the health conscious.


Below is a definitive, foodie approved ranking of San Clemente Cookie Dough Flavors:
1) P.B. Bodaciousness
2) Chewy Chocolate Brownie No Frownie
3) A Trip to San Clemente Chocolate Chip

1) P.B. Bodaciousness

This is my favorite flavor out of the 3 cookie dough squeeze packs. Upon opening the package an aroma of irresistible peanut butter takes over your senses. When tasting the dough you notice rich, natural, true-to-life peanut butter flavor with a complex balance of nutty and brown sugar flavors. The texture of this cookie dough is similar to that of crunchy peanut butter mixed with sugar cookie dough base.


2) Chewy Chocolate Brownie No Frownie

Brownie No Frownie makes a wonderful edition to ice cream. All 3 tasters thought this dough had the most cookie dough like texture. It has a rich and intense chocolate flavor.


3) A Trip to San Clemente Chocolate Chip

The chocolate chip variety tasted like a cookie fresh out of the oven, still gooey and warm. It has real hunks of natural chunky chocolate and a sweet vanilla buttery crumble cookie base. This is thicker than a typical cookie dough.


Recipes I’ve made using San Clemente Cookie Dough (click photo to view recipe):


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