Apple Butter Turkey Breakfast Sausage


Got in the fall mood and made apple butter cinnamon turkey sausage. This is a great way to use up that extra apple butter. They also freeze nicely and make a great breakfast side.

-1 pound ground turkey 93/7
-1 tsp. Cinnamon
-1 tsp. Garlic powder
-2 tbsp. Kyvan apple butter
-1 cup finely diced green apples
-1 tsp. coconut oil

-Heat a skillet with Pam and add the finely diced green apples, add the coconut oil and cinnamon and half of the apple butter
-Cook on low to medium heat until apples are browned
-Add the turkey to a medium bowl and the heated apples
-Mix together and add any of the seasoning leftover and the rest of the Apple butter
-Flatten the mixture into 16 patties and cook them on a greased skillet but do not over crowd the pan
-Serve with scrambled eggs or as the meat on a homemade sausage Egg McMuffin

Macros: Fat (g): Carb (g): Protein (g): Calories:
Macros for 1 Turkey Patty: 2.4g 2.3g 5.6g 52
Macros for All: 37.6g 37.3g 89.4g 840

*Makes 16 Patties*

Sneak Micronutrients into your Diet

It is important to maintain a steady intake of micronutrients in your diet regardless of if you are eating in a deficit, surplus or at maintenance. Macronutrients consist of fat, carbs and proteins while micronutrients are only necessary in tiny amounts. Micronutrients are critical for your body to function properly. They can be taken in capsules but yield significant benefits when eaten in their raw form as fruits and vegetables. Below are easy ways to sneak micronutrients into your diet everyday!

1. Add roasted sweet potatoes as a side to your morning eggs

2. Roast massive amounts of veggies ahead of time and eat them throughout the week
3. Roast your veggies with something mild like lemon pepper so that you can easily add them to any dish

4. Mix up your veggies weekly so you don’t get bored & try some of my favorite combinations

  • a. Brussels sprouts, cut up butternut squash and cranberries is a delicious fall combo
  • b. Roasted asparagus or roasted green beans are a go to because they go with basically anything
  • c. Roasted butternut squash baked with Truvia brown sugar, spray butter and cinnamon is a dieters dream “dessert”


5. Always add fresh or frozen fruit on top of protein pancakes, waffles or French toast to add exciting texture, flavor and fiber!

6. Bag portions of washed berries ahead of time so you can easily add them as a topping for yogurt, cereal and more

7. Add a nutrient blast to your smoothie by adding some spinach (for longer shelf life you can freeze fresh spinach in an ice cube tray for perfectly portioned spinach)

8. Make spaghetti squash at the beginning of the week so you can throw some sauce and protein on it and voila virtually carb free spaghetti!

2100_spaghetti squash.jpg
9. Substitute raw vegetables like carrots or pepper slices for crackers when you can and serve with hummus, guacamole or homemade yogurt dip

10. Always have frozen vegetables on hand to use when you are in a pinch

11. Pack a small salad to eat before your lunch this can include around 50g of meat of your choice or some sort of vegetable protein

12. Make “nana icecream” just add frozen bananas to the food processor and whatever your heart desires


What is your favorite way to add micronutrients into your diet? How do you sneak fruits and veggies into a picky eaters pallet? Comment to let me know!

In good health,

Lauren xo

Grilled Cajun Salmon with Homemade Mango Salsa


This delicious clean eating meal is so tasty you’ll forget you’re eating healthy. It is also simple enough to be a great weeknight meal but impressive enough to be used as a date night meal. The salsa is mild with a tropical flavor instead of spicy which really compliments the Cajun spices encrusting the salmon.

-Three 4 oz. wild salmon filets
-1 Tbsp. of olive oil
-1 Tbsp. of Cajun Flavor God seasoning
-1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
-1/2 an avocado
-1 ripe mango
-1/4 of a red onion
-2 Tbsp. lime juice

-Mince red onion, cut mango into cubes, cut avocado into cubes and cut cherry tomatoes in half
-Put all the fruits and veggies into a medium bowl and add lime juice
-Season salmon fillets with Cajun Flavor God seasoning and 1 tsp. olive oil each
-Preheat grill for medium heat.
-Place salmon on the grill
-Cook salmon for about 6 minutes per side
-Once salmon is done add the homemade mango salsa

Macros Fat (g): Carb (g): Protein (g): Calories:
1 Salmon Filet with topping  28 18.6 25 428
All of the Topping  12.7 56 2 323
*Makes 3 salmon filets with topping, Serves 3*

Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butter Product Review

I cannot believe the answer to all my nut butter hopes and dreams was hiding away in Georgia.

bothbutter2 bothbutter1

Georgia Grinders makes the BEST nut butter I’ve ever tasted in my life. (trust me I’ve had loads of it!) I have even made my own homemade almond butter and it does not even come close to the deliciousness that is NaturAlmond honey almond butter. I was able to get my hands on the creamy cashew butter and the honey almond butter. Honestly both of the nut butters were so good I can’t even pick a favorite. I’ve tried them on apples, toast and with local honey on a spoon. These butters are so delicious they need only be used on very simple foods as they have such a rich taste and texture.

1) NaturAlmond Honey Almond Butter:

This almond butter is like picking up a handful of velvety almonds. It is so pure and natural. The only ingredients in this baby are roasted almonds + crystalized honey + sea salt. You can definitely taste the love and care that goes into making this small batch butter. The almond butter was less sweet than I was expecting so I added a little bit more honey and now it is perfect.


2) Slow Roasted Creamy Cashew Butter

This is the first and last cashew butter I’ll ever taste and for good reasons. Georgia Grinders cashew butter was so delicious it is the only one I ever want to taste! Better yet it is made with only two natural ingredients: slow roasted cashews + sea salt. The butter is high quality and the creamiest and thickest nut butter I’ve ever had. It is smooth, rich and decadent. This nut butter could fancy up anything, even wonder bread.


Go buy Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters here.


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AlternaSweets Product Review

Let’s face it BBQ sauce and ketchup are amazing but I try to avoid them to minimize my intake of corn syrup and to avoid the calories that these condiments traditionally add to meals. It turns out I no longer have to shy away from my favorite condiments. I was amazed to find a company that offers healthy and natural versions of both BBQ sauce and ketchup.


*Recipe for BBQ pulled chicken sandwich can be found on my Instagram*

AlternaSweets are unique condiments in that they are extremely low carb, low calorie, delicious tasting and natural. Most diet friendly alternative condiments are packed with sodium, artificial flavors and fillers while AlternaSweets condiments are not. AlternaSweets is only sweetened using the stevia plant and is made out of simple natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce.


AlternaSweets was kind enough to let me try a bottle of both their BBQ sauce and ketchup. I love both of the condiments but if I had to choose the BBQ sauce is an absolute must have and has become a grocery staple in my household. It satisfies the cravings of everyone even Stevia haters.

1) AlternaSweets BBQ Sauce:

This BBQ sauce is amazing. In fact my father still doesn’t even know it’s healthy. Let’s keep this our little secret okay? The smell is amazing. The texture is thick as a BBQ sauce should be. The taste is smoky and sweet and not spicy at all. Kids and adults alike would rave over this sauce.


2) AlternaSweets Ketchup:

The AlternaSweets ketchup is the most natural close to reality ketchup I’ve ever tasted. Look how chunky and unprocessed it is! I imagine this is how homemade ketchup should and would taste. It is honestly tomatoes in a bottle with a little stevia added for sweetness. What a wonderful sidekick for French fries this is.


Overall, I would recommend anyone buy these condiments you will not be disappointed. Your family will be nourishing their bodies without even knowing it.

Go buy AlternaSweets here.

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Cracked Nut Butter Product Review

I love nut butters! They are the ultimate food. They go with everything and are delicious enough to be eaten on a spoon. I was thrilled to try five different flavors of Cracked Nut Butter. One thing’s for sure, Cracked Nut Butter is a delicious nut butter you can feel good eating. It has only the finest ingredients, is paleo-friendly, peanut-free, glutten-free and is only sweetened with honey. The protein add to their nut butter gives it more protein than you’d find in competing brands. This product is also the only nut butter I’ve ever seen with grass fed whey protein, making this a very rare find.

Below is a definitive foodie approved ranking of Cracked Nut Butter Flavors:
1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
2) White Chocolate Raspberry
3) Brownie Batter
4) Cinnamon Roll
5) Cookie Dough

*Note: I have ranked the flavors according to taste, uniqueness and textural appeals*

1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:

My favorite Cracked Nut Butter is hands down the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It was everything I had hoped for and imagined it would be. As you gobble down a spoonful of this it has a sweet vanilla flavor with surprisingly large and delicious organic chocolate chips. Just look at those melty chocolate chips in the photo below. It is BREATHTAKING.


2) White Chocolate Raspberry:

My second favorite came in this adorable on the go pouch. Thanks Cracked Nut Butter for making it publicly acceptable for me to carry nut butter around in my purse, gym bag and briefcase. This nut butter was one of the sweeter ones and the natural flavors of raspberry and white chocolate were prominent. I was not disappointed.


3) Brownie Batter:

The brownie batter flavor was not as sweet as I was expecting it to be which caught me a little off guard. I did however grow to like the flavor more and more as it has a dark chocolate appeal and taste. I would recommend this butter to hardcore dark chocolate fans as it is creamy and rich. Please excuse the photo. This is the nut butter after being refrigerated. It gets a little hard; but it’s nothing 15 seconds in the microwave can’t fix!

IMG_5935 IMG_5936

4) Cinnamon Roll:

The cinnamon roll nut butter has a great consistency and smell as did all of the other nut butters. I was hoping this one would be sweeter, I added a little liquid stevia to mine and it really let the flavors shine. I would recommend doing that for a sweeter cinnamon roll like appeal without adding any calories. If you aren’t interested in that, I would recommend adding this to the top of ice cream, pancakes, or waffles topped with agave nectar.

IMG_5930 IMG_5931

5) Cookie Dough

The final nut butter I have to review is the cookie dough. I believe they were going with a sugar cookie flavor but the title in my opinion is miss leading. When I think cookie dough I think the standard chocolate chip flavor. As for the sugar cookie aspect of this butter I am not really tasting it. This butter is reminiscent of vanilla but not nearly as sweet to be considered a sugar cookie flavor.

IMG_5933 IMG_5934

Overall I would highly recommend Cracked Nut Butter to anyone following a healthy lifestyle looking for a natural and protein packed treat.

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