Optimum Nutrition PB Cake Bites & Protein Almonds Review

I had the pleasure of trying Optimum Nutrition’s new cake bite flavor and their line of protein almonds. These make great grab and go snacks and are good to switch things up from traditional protein bars. The nuts in particular make a good snack since they don’t have many calories and aren’t too filling.

-Chocolate Jalapeno Flavor Almonds:

This was my favorite of the bunch. They have a hint of spicy and are the perfect amount of chocolaty.

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Bites:

I really like the texture of these because it is comparable to the other flavors. These taste more like peanut butter than like chocolate. I enjoyed them although they are rich and I found it hard to eat more than one because of this.


-Dark Chocolate Truffle Flavor Almonds:

These are a super rich and decadent treat. They could substitute as dessert in a pinch or make a good ending to a savory lunch.

-Cinnamon Roll Flavor Almonds:

These were my least favorite. They tasted like cinnamon but also too much like artificial sweetener. I could see some people really liking these so try them out but they aren’t my favorite.


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