Don’t get too Big

“Don’t get too big”

Something I hear all too often preached to me and also to my peers. I always question, why would you put someone down for striving to be the best version of themselves? It is not easy balancing a social life, healthy eating and training. Is it hard? Hell yes, but it’s worth it. This work takes discipline and hard work and should be admired not put down.

This comment also stems from ignorance, the “too big” they are referring to most likely can only be achieved with the use of some kind of steroids. Lifting weights does not make women “big” and “bulky”. Lifting weights empowers women. It has made me a stronger person inside and out. Most importantly it has driven me to share the amazing feeling I get from heavy lifting with other women and encourage them to fight gymtimidation and break the status quo.

It is not your job to make everyone happy. It is not your job to achieve a certain body type for someone else. Do what you love and set goals for yourself and only yourself. I’m rooting for you.

6 thoughts on “Don’t get too Big

  1. Grrr, I can’t stand when people say that! It is frustrating on a few levels, and you mention them perfectly! I would also add it is a form of body policing (usually policing of women’s bodies), and what makes someone think I don’t want to be big? It isn’t really anyone else’s business how I look. I lift because it makes me feel badass and like I can take on this very messed up world! 🙂 It is my body and maybe I like the look of big muscles? The media has conditioned most to think that women want to look slim/small and therefore saying “you look skinny” is a compliment. But really I hate when someone says that to me! Thanks for following my blog and I just signed up for yours 🙂


    • Dylan, You totally understand where I am coming from. Exactly, you have to be your own kind of beautiful whatever that is. Why is it so easy to judge people for not having the same idea of beautiful. Working out for me works from the inside out. It makes me feel beautiful and strong like you said. Being skinny and weak would not make me feel the way I do from lifting or working out, but to each his own for sure! Just really have to do you and decide what is your kind of beautiful. 🙂


  2. Keep it up! Lazy people always look for an excuse for themselves and why they look average. I find the people that make comments like this aren’t in good shape usually. I always am reminded of that Arnold quote where people told him “We don’t ever want to look like you.” And he says back “Don’t worry, you won’t.” People who don’t have the dedication to improve themselves will always look to put others down. Love this post


    • Hi!

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’ve become endlessly frustrated with people telling me how my body should look but it’s important to remind yourself that their negative words are a reflection of their own insecurities and lack of motivation like you said. Having your hard work show is a full commitment to the gym and also to good nutrition. Again thanks for that quote and reminding me I’m not alone. 🙂

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