Pumpkin Protein Pancake Stack


Me: Sees one leaf on the ground
Me again: immediately bakes pumpkin spice everythang.

This pumpkin spice stack is mouthwatering. The pancakes themselves are super moist, delicious and exactly what you need this season. I love dark agave on pancakes. It is always my go to. I usually add a little bit of maple extract to make it taste more like pure maple syrup. I love agave because it is refined sugar free and has a lower glycemic index.
Feel free to sub the Trader Joe’s pancake mix for any mix you have laying around. You can even replace it with oat flour. The same goes for the protein powder but make sure it is decent for baking. Feel free to experiment with toppings some of my favorites are: pumpkin puree mixed with Truvia, pumpkin pie spice and plain yogurt, pumpkin morsels, white chocolate chips and Frozen Truwhip. Get creative!

Pumpkin Protein Pancake Stack Ingredients:
-100g canned pumpkin
-1 serving Trader Joe’s toasted coconut pancake mix
-1 egg white
-1 tbsp. almond milk unsweetened
-1 tbsp.. nonfat plain Greek yogurt
-1 tsp. vanilla extract
-15g True Nutrition vanilla whey protein
-10g coconut flour
-1 packet Truvia
-Pumpkin pie spice

-Mix ingredients in a large bowl
-Spray large skillet and cook 2-3 minutes on each side
-Makes about 10 small pancakes
-Top with nonfat ready whip and agave

Macros: Fat (g): Carb (g): Protein (g): Calories:
Macros for 5 pancakes 3.5 g 30.5 g 11 g 197
Macros for 10 pancakes 7 g 61 g  22 g 395

*Makes 10 small pancakes*

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