Protes Product Review

ProTings recently rebranded to Protes chips. It seems they have discontinued the Sea Salt flavor and replaced it with Coconut. I would be interested in trying the new toasted coconut flavor. This one would be good paired with sweet dips or even protein fluff. These protein chips are better than those from iwon, as the flavors are stronger and they are less dry. I would recommend eating these chips with dips or cheeses. They generally cost 1.75 a bag, which isn’t too bad when comparing them to protein bar prices. The nutritional profile is great with the Zesty Nacho clocking in at 120 calories a bag (4g F/ 7g C/ 15g P).


Below is a definitive foodie approved ranking of Protes chips:
1) Zesty Nacho
2) Tangy Southern BBQ
3) Chili Lime (Now Spicy Chili Lime)
4) Sea Salt (May be discontinued)

1) Zesty Nacho

This is my favorite flavor chip. They are super cheesy and pack a big crunch. I love pairing these with medium salsa or 100-calorie guacamole packs for an easy lunch snack.


2) Tangy Southern BBQ

The BBQ flavor is pretty authentic but I struggle to find a dip for this chip that matches the flavor profile. I think I might try this with Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedges.


3) Chili Lime (Now Spicy Chili Lime)

This chip is tasty and can be paired with any of the dips mentioned in the nacho cheese section. This would also be great broken up and put on top of a big Mexican taco salad.


4) Sea Salt (May be discontinued)

The sea salt flavor may be a little too plain for my liking. It is good paired with seasoned tuna and or flavored hummus.


Overall I would recommend these chips to anyone looking to still eat chips and consume less carbs or anyone looking to up their protein content on the go. This is a great find for those trying to eat more protein that may not necessarily have a sweet tooth like some of the rest of us! Savory lovers need gains too, right?

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