iwon Protein Chips Review

iwon nutrition chips have a whopping 20g of protein. They were a bit dry, and had a high fat content for being a protein chip. These chips can be found in stores such as The Vitamin Shoppe and can always be shipped free across the U.S. if purchased online. They come in five flavors: BBQ, Ranch, Cinnamon French Toast, Sriracha and Sea Salt. All flavors are organic. They donate 5% of their profits to youth organizations.


The macros for the BBQ chips that I tried are as follows: 240 Calories (11g F/ 15g C/ 20g P). I was only able to try the BBQ chips. iwon chips are convenient because they do not need to be refrigerated and can be eaten almost anywhere. I see these being a good movie snack and they also pair well with dip. I had mine with a mini Alouette creamy cheese Le Petite Fromage in Garden Salsa flavor. I would not eat these chips plain as the flavor was not strong enough to make up for the dryness of the chip. In general these chips are good for those of us who are trying to get protein in our diet from non animal sources or bodybuilders.


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