Bia Bar Product Review

These bars are the answer to my prayers. They taste like straight up peanut butter fudge. You will simply not believe they contain protein and are healthy! They are made with only the finest ingredients and have an impeccable texture. The all natural honey in these bars accounts for 95% of its sugar content. They have about a 90 day shelf life. I prefer to keep mine refridgerated. Think twice about your protein bars they should be natural enough that they actually expire! Don’t worry you will have no problem devouring these before they go bad.


Peanut Butter Fudge Bar
So far this is the only variation of Bia Bar on the market. The flavor is on point and will be much loved by peanut butter enthusiasts. I wish they would also come out with an almond butter version so that those with a peanut butter allergy or those that are paleo could also enjoy them. The macros are also great as well.


I would recommend these bars to legit anyone. Especially those trying to lose weight because they are such a satisfying snack and even dessert. You can get these on amazon or even the Bia Bar website.

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