Detour Protein Review

Detour protein bars are hands down my favorite bars. That is why I was not the least bit surprised when they were named the #1 Protein Bar by Men’s Health Magazine. Their bars come in mini snack sizes as well as a standard full bar size.


Chocolate Chip Caramel:

This bar is sweet but not overpowering.The full size bar only has 4g of sugar and tastes like double chocolate cookie dough. It is soft and not chalky at all. This bar features huge chocolate chunks, a soft caramel as well as a rich chocolate outer shell.

210 Calories

5g F/ 25g C/ 20g P

Caramel Peanut Bar:

This is my absolute favorite protein bar and flavor I’ve ever had. This tastes scary similar to a snickers bar. I definitely eat this as a treat even though it’s secretly healthy.

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