Optimum Nutrition Protein Water Review

I was thrilled when Optimum Nutrition reached out to me to review their new line of protein waters. To be honest I was not planning on falling in love with them, but I did!


The texture of these drinks is very similar to Gatorade. You will not even believe there is 20g of protein in them. The drink is light and refreshing and is the perfect post workout drink or even during your workout. I also love that they come with muscle recovery supplements inside the drink as well. There is also virtually no carbs in them or fat.

Below is a definitive foodie-approved ranking of Optimum Nutrition Protein Waters:
1) Icy Blue Raspberry
2) Tropical Fruit Punch
3) Orange Freeze

1) Icy Blue Raspberry:
This flavor reminds me of those Dum-Dum lollipops I downed as a kid. The flavor is on point without being chalky. I am so surprised at how smooth these drinks are.


2) Tropical Fruit Punch:
This flavor I thought tasted a lot like Tang. It had a fruity kick and was very refreshing.


3) Orange Freeze:
This flavor was good but the most intense out of all of them. I believe this flavor was the sweetest one.


Overall I would recommend any of the flavors and cannot wait to get my hands on more protein water. You can purchase yours today here.

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