Best Snacks to Cure a Sweet Tooth

Hey love bugs! I decided to compile a list of my go to snacks that I have when I’m craving something sweet but don’t want to back track my progress. Here goes nothing! Also all snacks are under 200 calories so dig in!

1.) Fiber One Brownie


Calories: 90
3g F/ 17g C/ 1g P

PROS: Very chocolaty, only 41 cents per serving

CONS: Not filling but great when heated for 10 seconds and topped with low calorie ice cream

2.) Fiber One Lemon Bar


3g F/ 18g c/ 0g P

PROS: Amazing taste, very low price of 41 cents per serving

CONS: These are not very filling at all

3.) Light & Fit  Greek Crunch Strawberry Cheesecake Yogurt


3g F/ 16g c/ 11g P

PROS: Amazing taste, love the texture, filling because of the high protein content, best yogurt I’ve had

CONS: High Price of about $1.50 for a serving


4) Halo Top Vanilla Bean Protein Ice Cream


Calories: 60
2g F/ 14g C/ 6g P

PROS: As creamy as regular ice cream, can eat the whole pint for under 250 calories, real vanilla bean bits, delicious

CONS: High price of  about $5.99 a pint, not many stores carry it

*See if Halo Top is sold near you by clicking here.*

5) 1 Fuji apple with 1 tbsp almond butter drizzle

apple with almond.jpg

Calories: 171
9g F/ 22g C/ 2g P

PROS: Delicious, fresh, easy

CONS: Easy to go overboard with nut butters

6.) Dole Pear Fruit Cups in 100% Fruit Juice


Calories: 80
0g F/ 21g C/ 0g P

PROS: Great taste, amazing if cold, 63 cents per serving

CONS: High carb but natural

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