Oh My Yog! Product Review

I’ve always had a problem trying to get enough probiotics in my diet. The texture of regular yogurt isn’t something I’m very fond of and Greek yogurt can be a little too tart for me. One day I came across Oh My Yog! at the supermarket it looked very yummy but I was skeptical if I would enjoy it or not. With one bite I knew that I had hit the holy grail of yogurt. Oh My Yog! manages to be organic, delicious and creamy enough to be a super satisfying snack or dessert.

yo yo

Below is a definitive foodie approved ranking of the Oh My Yog! Stonyfield Yogurt Flavors I’ve tried:
1) Madagascar Vanilla Bean
2) Gingered Pear
3) Pacific Coast Strawberry
4) Wild Quebec Blueberry

1) Madagascar Vanilla Bean

This is hands down the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted in my life. It has whole vanilla bean specks which takes this yogurt to a whole other level. I lobe the whole milk cream top on these yogurts it really makes them indulgent tasting but not too fatty because the middle layer does not contain full fat yogurt. This treat is perfectly balanced.

vanilla yo.png

2) Gingered Pear

The Gingered Pear flavor is uniquely delicious and is perfect for the holidays. The notes of cinnamon in this yogurt remind me of thanksgiving pies. It is also important to note that the pear chunks are real and not just some processed crap.

ginger yo

3) Pacific Coast Strawberry

This strawberry flavor goes above and beyond any strawberry yogurt you’ve ever had. It will have you saying Yoplait who? I cannot even describe to you how much more delicious and satisfying these yogurts are.

starawbeery yoyo.png

4) Wild Quebec Blueberry

This flavor may be last on my list but all of the yogurts I tried I would definitely purchase all of them again. The blueberries used are small and wild and for the post part are whole berries which is a rare find in packaged yogurt.

blue yo

Overall I would recommend any of the the Oh My Yog! flavors and I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of the flavors to try them all!

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