Protein Peanut Butter Fudge Bark


This Amazing bark can be used to replace chocolate chips in any recipe and makes a great topping for anything your heart desires! I like to break mine up and portion it out into little snack bags so its all ready to be used as a topping or treat.

Protein Peanut Butter Fudge Bark Ingredients:
-2 servings (28g) coconut oil
-1 tbsp. cocoa powder
-1 packet of Truvia
-2 servings (4 tbsp) of chocolate PBfit powdered peanut butter
-20g chocolate lean body for her whey protein powder
-1 tbsp. water

-Get a square pan and line it with parchment paper
-Mix all ingredients in a small bowl
-Place mix into square pan and flatten
-Freeze to harden for 20 minutes
-Cut into fourths
-Store in the fridge

Macros Fat: Carb: Protein: Calories:
1/4 of Bark 8.25 g 4.5 g  4.25 g 109
All of Bark 33 g 18 g  17 g 437
*Makes 4 Servings*

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