Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butter Product Review

I cannot believe the answer to all my nut butter hopes and dreams was hiding away in Georgia.

bothbutter2 bothbutter1

Georgia Grinders makes the BEST nut butter I’ve ever tasted in my life. (trust me I’ve had loads of it!) I have even made my own homemade almond butter and it does not even come close to the deliciousness that is NaturAlmond honey almond butter. I was able to get my hands on the creamy cashew butter and the honey almond butter. Honestly both of the nut butters were so good I can’t even pick a favorite. I’ve tried them on apples, toast and with local honey on a spoon. These butters are so delicious they need only be used on very simple foods as they have such a rich taste and texture.

1) NaturAlmond Honey Almond Butter:

This almond butter is like picking up a handful of velvety almonds. It is so pure and natural. The only ingredients in this baby are roasted almonds + crystalized honey + sea salt. You can definitely taste the love and care that goes into making this small batch butter. The almond butter was less sweet than I was expecting so I added a little bit more honey and now it is perfect.


2) Slow Roasted Creamy Cashew Butter

This is the first and last cashew butter I’ll ever taste and for good reasons. Georgia Grinders cashew butter was so delicious it is the only one I ever want to taste! Better yet it is made with only two natural ingredients: slow roasted cashews + sea salt. The butter is high quality and the creamiest and thickest nut butter I’ve ever had. It is smooth, rich and decadent. This nut butter could fancy up anything, even wonder bread.


Go buy Georgia Grinders Premium Nut Butters here.


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