AlternaSweets Product Review

Let’s face it BBQ sauce and ketchup are amazing but I try to avoid them to minimize my intake of corn syrup and to avoid the calories that these condiments traditionally add to meals. It turns out I no longer have to shy away from my favorite condiments. I was amazed to find a company that offers healthy and natural versions of both BBQ sauce and ketchup.


*Recipe for BBQ pulled chicken sandwich can be found on my Instagram*

AlternaSweets are unique condiments in that they are extremely low carb, low calorie, delicious tasting and natural. Most diet friendly alternative condiments are packed with sodium, artificial flavors and fillers while AlternaSweets condiments are not. AlternaSweets is only sweetened using the stevia plant and is made out of simple natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce.


AlternaSweets was kind enough to let me try a bottle of both their BBQ sauce and ketchup. I love both of the condiments but if I had to choose the BBQ sauce is an absolute must have and has become a grocery staple in my household. It satisfies the cravings of everyone even Stevia haters.

1) AlternaSweets BBQ Sauce:

This BBQ sauce is amazing. In fact my father still doesn’t even know it’s healthy. Let’s keep this our little secret okay? The smell is amazing. The texture is thick as a BBQ sauce should be. The taste is smoky and sweet and not spicy at all. Kids and adults alike would rave over this sauce.


2) AlternaSweets Ketchup:

The AlternaSweets ketchup is the most natural close to reality ketchup I’ve ever tasted. Look how chunky and unprocessed it is! I imagine this is how homemade ketchup should and would taste. It is honestly tomatoes in a bottle with a little stevia added for sweetness. What a wonderful sidekick for French fries this is.


Overall, I would recommend anyone buy these condiments you will not be disappointed. Your family will be nourishing their bodies without even knowing it.

Go buy AlternaSweets here.

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