Mexican Hot Chocolate Protein Pancakes


These Mexican hot chocolate protein pancakes started as an accident when I mistook cayenne for cinnamon. These pancakes are great for getting you out of a meal prep rut. They are filling and packed with wholesome fats and proteins!

-6 egg whites
-1 cup dry rolled oats(Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats)
-1 cup cottage cheese (1% Store Brand)
-1 Packet Truvia/stevia
-1/4 cayenne pepper
-1 teaspoon cocoa powder unsweetened
-1 teaspoon vanilla

Ingredients topping: (per serving)
-1/2 tbsp coconut oil
-1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
-1 tbsp dark agave

-Blend all ingredients in blender
-Heat greased skillet
-Cook two pancakes at a time flipping after 2 mins on medium low heat
-Top with berries and dark agave (calories below do not reflect toppings)

Topping Directions:
-Heat coconut oil in microwave for 25 sec
-Combine agave and cocoa powder
-Drizzle on pancakes

Macros Fat (g): Carb (g): Protein (g): Calories:
2 Pancakes 3 25.5 25.5 229
Topping for One 7 17.4 .5 131
*Makes 6 Pancakes, Serves 3*

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